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Transformative initiatives to improve the well-being of our Veterans

Introducing the power of innovation and learning

Uniting VHA Innovation Ecosystem (VHA IE), the Simulation Learning, Evaluation, Assessment, and Research Network (SimLEARN), along with the Center for Care and Payment Innovation (CCPI). Embrace a world of possibilities as we pave the way for cutting-edge advancements, foster growth through immersive learning experiences, and drive transformative changes in healthcare.

VHA State of Innovation Report

Welcome to the 2023 State of Innovation Report, an annual publication from VHA's Office of Healthcare Innovation and Learning! With the theme of "Delivering on the Mission: Fostering Trust and Transforming Care," this year's report focuses on educating and empowering Veterans to engage with the innovative projects and programs that are most relevant to their health care journeys.

We encourage eligible Veterans to scan available QR codes, reach out to available email addresses, and ask their VA care teams for more information and guidance on taking advantage of the projects featured in this report. Our providers look forward to hearing from you!

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Health Care

Sparking mission-driven health care innovation
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Healthcare Training Through Innovation and Excellence
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Driving Data-Driven
Veteran Care
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Delivering Solutions to Veterans at the Point of Care
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Elevating Veteran Care through Immersive Innovation
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Shaping Innovation for
Future Veteran Care
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