Advancing a Value-Based Health Care System for All Veterans

Authorized by Section 152 of the MISSION Act of 2018, the Center for Care and Payment Innovation (CCPI) advances VHA as central to the development of data-driven and value-based health care solutions that transform and improve Veteran care, while reducing cost and administrative burdens for VA, program offices and frontline medical teams.

In its work, CCPI aims to

  • Increase collaborations within VHA and other federal agencies that will advance value-based innovations for Veterans and frontline medical teams
  • Establish CCPI as a trusted resource within VHA that builds awareness and champions value-based care principles, efficacies and insights
  • Utilize data-driven insights to engage with health care community stakeholders to re-design and build new systems that will positively impact VA, Veterans and frontline medical teams

Strengthening Care for Veterans Now and in the Future

MISSION: Build and leverage diverse coalitions to identify, test and scale system innovations that address care, policy, payment and resource allocation within VA.

VISION: VHA advances and strengthens value-based care health systems and innovations that support Veterans.

Our Values:
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Our Approach to Innovation

CCPI leads the designing, testing and implementation of pilot programs to improve value-based care (VBC) services and payment options for Veterans. From concept to close, CCPI partners closely with VA program offices, VA medical centers and facilities, VA regional offices, Veteran organizations and industry to ensure that the needs of Veterans are at the center of every pilot program we create.

CCPI's Value-Based Pilot Evaluation Framework serves as the foundation for building upon the Center's innovative health care initiatives for frontline health care workers and Veterans. Developed by the Office of Healthcare Innovation and Learning (OHIL), the fit-for-purpose evaluation framework helps VA quantitatively measure the value of health care initiatives. In utilizing this tool, CCPI confronts and eliminates various value-based risks including cost increase, quality of care variation, capacity challenges and care delivery inefficiencies.

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CCPI uses a standard framework for pilot program assessment, approval and management. Using this framework allows us to create a structured approach to innovation that helps us:​

  • Identify the need for innovative VBC measures through data-driven insights
  • Proactively identify high-risk, high-need Veterans with various illnesses and in different geographies​
  • Ensure that health equity is accounted for throughout a pilot’s design and implementation
  • Engage the VA Innovation Steering Committee to identify, evaluate, prioritize and recommend innovation opportunities
  • Leverage the authority granted by Section 152 of the MISSION Act to submit waiver requests for Congressional approval
  • Build partnerships for collaboration in order to ideate, develop, implement and scale programs that drive VHA towards a value-based, integrated health care system

More about CCPI

CCPI is organizationally aligned to the VHA Office of Healthcare Innovation and Learning (OHIL) as a sister organization to the Innovation Ecosystem (IE) and the Simulation Learning, Evaluation, Assessment and Research Network (SimLEARN), and under VHA’s Office of Discovery, Education, and Affiliate Networks (DEAN).


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